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Consulting Process

At BNE we have created a solution development process that can help an organization of any size to achieve their business and IT goals. BNE provides custom solutions specifically tailored to your business needs and objectives. We offer the flexibility of selecting the best products from a variety of vendors and technologies to give customers full control in shaping of all aspects of the solution from the original ideas and needs to the final stages of deployment.


Discovering the challenges and goals of your organization are the beginning of the solution process. Defining immediate and future needs as well as desired benefits will give the engineers at BNE all the information needed to design a solution that’s right your organization.


Based on an in-depth network and operating system health check and analysis along with information from you, our certified IT consultants will design a scalable, fully integrated solution. BNE will accommodate all your goals, priorities, and budget issues while eliminating extraneous IT expenses.

Implement and Deploy

BNE engineers create functional versions of the custom solution based on criteria and design. Clients can monitor the process of their system’s development. Before deployment, all aspects of the system are tested thoroughly to guarantee satisfaction. Painless integration into your system ensures minimal interruption to the day-to-day operations.

Monitor and Maintain

As a full IT solutions provider, BNE will monitor the performance of your new system. We provide 24-hour remote monitoring of your systems as well as help desk support for inquiries and troubleshooting. Desktop and server systems can be remotely maintained as well to keep you current and protected with the latest software versions, critical updates, virus definitions, etc.